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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a license?
Licenses are required in order to legally carry passengers for hire. This includes charters for fishing, sightseeing, diving, transportation or any use which is considered a "passenger for hire" situation. Many companies require licensed skippers as a matter of policy, and most insurance companies require them for boat deliveries. In addition, the license may qualify you for discounts on your boat insurance, and you may want to consider the possibility of tax breaks on depreciation and vessel expenses such as maintenance, docking fees, insurance, etc.

Which license?
The Captain's License Prep Guide is designed to fully prepare you to pass the Coast Guard license exam for Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (6 passenger license, commonly called a Charterboat Captain's License), and the category of Master's licenses for Inland or Near Coastal waters, up to 100 gross tons (replaces the Inland Operator and Ocean Operator licenses).

Is it a question and answer format?
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Our study material consists of many hundreds of questions, answers and references to the source of the answers. We also supply the FULL text of the International and Inland Rules of the Road and Annexes. These are must for any serious student.

Even more important than the number of questions is the QUALITY of the questions. Ours are the best!

We know from the experience gained in helping thousands of applicants successfully test and become licensed that the Question and Answer format is the most effective method of learning this type of material.

Applicants will be prepared by the extensive navigation lessons and sample chart plots to practice with. Here again we supply you with the "know how" as well as the answers for reference.

Flashcards are a "must" to help you learn the lights, dayshapes and sound signals, and we supply a comprehensive set.

Dealing with the Coast Guard!
Many have said that our introduction on licensing requirements and "how to deal with the Coast Guard" is so valuable that it alone is worth the price of the study package.

Why us?
Why should you choose our study package over someone elses? Careful research has gone into the question selection so the material is relevant! We won't waste your time asking you to learn what the Coast Guard doesn't have on the tests. In other words, you'll learn only what you need to know, learn it in the most efficient manner, and learn it fast. We GUARANTEE it!

Our material is nationwide in scope, and it is updated to current tests as often as new tests are introduced by the Coast Guard.

About the quality of the product. We have used electronic typesetting equipment and printed on quality paper. Wide margins and extra pages allow you to make ample notes for ease of study.

We ship from one address without having to consolidate orders, and we do it fast. Usually within 24 hours of receipt of order, and we guarantee shipment within 48 hours.

Call TOLL FREE nationwide --
1-800-345-6901 to ask questions or place orders. You will be speaking directly with our office, not an answering service. We'll take your phone order with MasterCard, Visa, Discover (NOVUS) or American Express, or you may send a check or Money Order.

Remember you don't pay more for our reputation, you just get more!

1. Examine the program for 15 days and, if not completely convinced that it will help you to pass the test, return it for a FULL refund.

2. Keep the book, study the material and if you cannot pass the test after three attempts within a one year period, advise us in writing of your name, address and date of purchase and we will refund the book purchase price in FULL. You keep the book. This portion of the guarantee does not apply to audio, video or computer software products.

This exam preparation kit and the Double Guarantee carries the Seal of Approval of the AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL CAPTAIN'S ASSOCIATION (APCA). Your assurance of excellence!